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Sessions & Cost

Individual Therapy

I offer confidential one-to-one counselling sessions to anyone over the age of 16 years old.
Sessions are 50 minutes and can be scheduled at your convenience.

Access to Sessions

I offer a limited amount of face-to-face sessions from a Covid-safe room in the S11 area of Sheffield. For more details please get in touch.

Additionally, I offer therapy sessions over the phone, Zoom or WhatsApp Video.


£50 per session;
Concessions are available for students and individuals on low income

What To Expect At Your Visit

Life can be overwhelming sometimes; this may be because of something that has happened in our past and has stayed with us, or because of circumstances in our present that are making things difficult.

That's why I think the most important element to counselling is to pause and create space; space to reflect, think, talk, be listened to, feel understood and space to simply be without judgement. I aim to create this space by listening empathically, meeting you with unconditional positive regard and by being congruent. Sessions will be led by whatever you choose to bring, and together we will take the time to explore what might be going on for you and how to reach your goals.

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